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The face behind

the camera

My name is Lily and I'm a recent graduate of the University of Tampa, where I earned a BFA in New Media Production.


I started producing and editing films on my mom's laptop at the age of ten and ventured into audio production and photography in middle and high school, before deciding to pursue a career in all three.


I love all things media production. I currently work with a few companies, creating visual content to grow their online presence. I've been editing podcasts for the past four years and recently started my own! I am also a portrait photographer and shoot all over Florida. In my free time, I like to shoot music videos with my little sister and best friend. There's not a corner of the new media space that I haven't explored!


Now that I've graduated, I've been growing my network and working with more and more businesses. My goal is to own a full-service media company and I'm working towards it every day!


A recent self-portrait of me and one of my dogs!

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