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For the past five years, I've honed my skills as a podcast producer, helping to create five podcasts and editing over 500 episodes. Podcasts are truly a passion of mine and the process is one I know very well. I can help you with your podcast at any stage. Have an idea but not sure how to start? I've worked with clients to build podcasts from the ground up. Already have recordings but need an editor? I edit multiple episodes a week! Struggling to promote? I've got you covered there too. If there's anything you need in the world of podcasts, I'm here for you! 

Below you will find links and examples of podcasts I've worked on. Ready to work together? Fill out the contact form and I will reach out to get started!

Orange Juice in the Kitchen

I joined this project at the very beginning stages. Maggie and Annie approached me with a few recorded episodes and I developed the branding and format for the show. After creating the cover art, a video and audio intro and outro, and editing several full length episodes, I launched the show on all major podcast platforms. Every week, I produce a new episode and marketing assets (story and feed graphics, email copy, video clips) for the show.  

Oh Crap! Parenting

I signed on as the producer of this podcast about 150 episodes in. I've worked closely with the host and my team at Behind the Screens to continue the success of the show and also market it on social media to Jamie's 37k+ followers. I also produce her other podcast, Oh Crap! Potty Training.

Quantum Conversations

I joined this project as producer about 5 episodes in and was able to contribute to the format and style of the show. In addition to a weekly audio and video episode, I also create social media graphics and Instagram reels for the show.

Am I Missing Something?

I joined this project at the very beginning stages. NurseWallet approached me with a few recorded episodes and I started by editing short clips from the episodes to share on TikTok. From there, we decided to move forward with posting full episodes. I created an episode structure, and launched the show on all major podcast platforms, while also continuing to edit clips to promote the show on social media. I also worked with the host to create a pre and post-production process to communicate with guests and plan episodes.   

That's Not Normal

As a school project and to practice my podcast production skills, I started a podcast with a friend from college called That's Not Normal. In the episodes we discussed all of the topics prevalent in a young adult's life while working towards normalizing the things we all go through privately, and laughing about the abnormal. I designed the logo, edited the episodes and promoted the show on social media.

The Financial Guys

This is my first and longest running podcast. Over the past five years of producing this show, I've edited over 400 weekly audio episodes, countless video episodes and hundreds of promo videos for social media. I've helped design the studios and recording equipment set-up used for the show and established a recording and post-production process. 

*The opinions and views of this show do not reflect my own. 

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