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Create a Podcast in 5 Simple Steps

So, you’re ready to take the leap and start your podcast. Great! If you’re like most first-time podcasters, you probably have a lot of questions. Where do you start? How do you get it published on platforms like Spotify? How do you make it sound good?

Getting your podcast off the ground is a multi-step process but it doesn’t have to be a confusing and overwhelming. I’ve helped successfully launch six podcasts so I’m ready to be your guide.

Here are the five simple steps to successfully launching a podcast.

1. Establish a Topic and Style

You can’t have a podcast without something to say. Establishing a clear topic and mission statement for your show is crucial. I find this to be the most difficult of the steps and see that it often deters people from creating their podcast. Don’t panic, get out a piece of paper and brainstorm with me for a minute. Answer these questions first: What do you want to talk about and who do you want to talk to? If you already have a niche topic in mind, such as a tv show, a crime that was committed, or an event from your life, you have established constraints to work within, which is great! If you don’t, try coming up with a question your podcast will answer. For example, my podcast, That’s Not Normal, answers the questions “Are the things my co-host and I experiencing normal for a recent female college graduate and are others experiencing them too?” Launching a podcast with the plan to “talk about your life and pop culture” and no other constraints will prove itself difficult. It is easier to be creative inside a set of boundaries than if you have free reign of anything and everything.

Once you have a clear topic, pick your style. Are you going to interview guests? Converse with a co-host? Monologue on your own? Investigate and story tell? The style you pick should lend itself to your topic. You won’t want to be interviewing guests on a podcast about your specific life experiences. The style and topic should make sense together.

2. Pick Out Equipment

Before you press record, you need to figure out your system for capturing high quality audio. You can do this on any budget. If you have no budget at all but already own a pair of headphones and a laptop or even just a smart phone, you can plug your headphones in, start up your free voice memo software and get started. Online platforms, such as, have free plans with digital “recording studios” you can record and even edit within. If you plan on having a remote co-host or guest, this is the way to go. You both can enter the studio and record using only a pair of headphones. If you have a little bit of money to spend, you can get an USB microphone to plug into your computer which will greatly increase your audio quality. You can use it with any voice recording software or through Riverside. I recommend the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+. It is widely available for under $150.

3. Choose your Platform

To publish your podcast on major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, you will have to use a hosting platform. On this platform, you will upload your audio file, give it a title and description, and hit publish to send it out into the world. My podcast hosting platform of choice is Buzzsprout. The interface is easy to understand and allows access to all major streaming platforms and even many minor ones. There is a free plan as well as well-priced paid options. If you sign up using my link, you will receive a $20 Amazon gift card!

4. Create Cover Art

When publishing your audio through your chosen platform, it will ask you for information about your podcast overall such as the name and the cover art you’d like to display. While the branding of your podcast is important, creating cover art doesn’t have to be complicated. Creating a simple logo on Canva with the name of your podcast is a great way to start. You are not permanently stuck with the first version you use. You can refine or completely change it later. It’s easy to switch out cover art on Buzzsprout.

5. Share on Social Media

So, you have recorded your first episode, uploaded it to your hosting platform with a title and cover art, and they have sent it out to all streaming platforms. You search for it on Spotify and can see and hear it, yay! Now, you need to get other people to listen to it. You can make a comprehensive digital marketing plan to launch yourself into fame, or you can simply post a link on your social media. Maybe you could even cut out a sneak peek and post it to your personal Instagram. Start off small and see how your friends and family react and go from there! You’re off to a great start.

Does all of this sound too involved for you? No worries, contact me. I’ve helped numerous people launch their podcasts and I can help you too. Head over to my contact page and leave me a note and we can get started right away!

Happy Podcasting!


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